STAHL Crane Systems ranks among the leading manufacturers of hoisting technology and crane components on an international level and is the global specialist as regards explosion-protected crane technology.


STAHL Crane Systems

Chain hoists
Chain hoists from STAHL CraneSystems are compact powerhouses, convincing in their particularly short approach dimensions and their robust and low-maintenance construction. To this day, the successful ST chain hoist is the industry’s benchmark.

No other builder offers such a large complete range of chain hoists as STAHL CraneSystems. With safe working loads between 63 and 6,300 kg, explosion-protected versions, modular design and countless off-standard solutions the chain hoists are equipped for the most varied applications.


Wire rope hoists
STAHL CraneSystems’ wire rope hoists cover the S.W.L. range from 500 kg to 125,000 kg. They are based on a technically mature modular system that guarantees cost-effective production at the highest level of quality. What’s special about this: we can combine the individual components at will so that each of our wire rope hoists is ideally designed for your requirements. Regardless of whether it’s a standard or an individually customised product.


Crane electrics
STAHL CraneSystems offers a comprehensive range of products and safety features for crane electrics, ranging from easy-to-operate control pendants to complex control systems.
All electrical components are designed for a long service life and their modular design offers numerous possibilities to combine and extend them.


STAHL CraneSystems supplies first-class crane technology, but only to crane builders. Since the beginning of 2009 we have no longer built crane systems ourselves. Instead, we have specialised on developing and building high-quality lifting, drive and control technology. Everything else – customer advisory services, planning, building the crane systems, servicing and spare parts supply – is left to the competent crane builders on the ground. That’s what we call logical. The crane builder doesn’t need to fear us as competitors and at the same time profits from the expertise gained in our 115 years in crane building and explosion protection.


Explosion protection
Explosion-protected crane technology is used in many branches of industry: in the chemical and petrochemical industries, in mining, power generation, food and pharmaceuticals. With its highly developed solutions, STAHL CraneSystems leads the world market for explosion-protected crane technology.

Since developing the first explosion-protected crane components in 1926, the company has contributed significantly to the success of the whole branch of industry and to the development of today’s industrial standards. Not least thanks to its own fundamental research, a vigorous R&D department and countless technical achievements in the fields of crane technology and explosion protection.


Jib cranes
Customized and ready for use right away: jib cranes with technology from STAHL CraneSystems. Whether in a marina or at a manual work station, in a chemical plant or on a production line: jib cranes are the cost-effective solution for many work areas. Safe working loads from 63 kg to 10,000 kg, with push or electric trolleys, with chain or wire rope hoists. Naturally, higher safe working loads and off-standard solutions for particular applications are possible.


Our rope winches lift heavy loads up to 250 t. Their powerful hoist motors and robust, low-maintenance design make them perfectly equipped for rugged everyday work.In contrast to wire rope hoists, winches require only a low number of rope reevings even for heavy loads, this makes them particularly compact and cost-effective.


Light crane systems
KS light crane technology The modular KS light crane system offers versatile material handling solutions with ergonomic and efficient workflow.
The profiles and trolleys are optimally adapted to our chain hoist programme.


The crane components
As regards technology and cost-effectiveness, high-quality crane components from STAHL CraneSystems rank among premium products throughout the world. Thanks to our well-founded expertise and decades of experience we have on offer technically mature products, from crane endcarriages to travel drives, wheel blocks and crane electrics from simple-to-operate control pendants to complex control systems. Our customers can rely on all components meshing like precisely engineered gearwheels and working together efficiently. Nearly all components and systems are also available in explosionprotected design complying with ATEX and IECEx.


Distance protection system
The application or the building statics may make distance protection for crabs and/or cranes necessary. Nowadays state of the art technical developments allow for distance protection systems whose structure and operation are convenient, reliable, low-maintenance and extremely cost-effective